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Production of 'Anti-Spaghetti' Web Development Course

  • 20 Lessons <br />
on Web Development 20 Lessons
    on Web Development
  • 2D Graphics and Animation 2D Graphics and Animation
  • Attracted JavaScript Developers Attracted JavaScript Developers
To the Course

Just as any person has the potential both for good and bad, a developer can either keep their code neat or will write it spaghetti-like. Somehow, most developers are chained to the latter. This revelation is what brought Jan, a senior full-stack developer, to the idea of developing an unusual JavaScript course.

⭐️The Problem

There are infinite web development courses with the identical limited educational content that don’t offer any quality and fresh information. As a result many developers are writing spaghetti code, which is terrible in itself, and not everyone knows the JavaScript syntax, which is designed to solve software problems more efficiently.


So, Jan decided to take on the responsibility of fighting spaghetti with his course Clean JavaScript.

The main task for our team was to produce an online course that would attract the target audience. We also needed to make the videos amusing, easy to follow and eye-pleasing in order to compete on the mature online courses market.

Target audience: Amateur and professional JavaScript developers willing to learn advanced syntax and techniques that will let them write cleaner code.


We studied the transcripts of future lessons and in two days we shot 20 lessons, intro and outro, promo video – 2 hours long in total. 

We have chosen the soundtrack, edited video and screencasts, made color and graphics. Each lesson has an interactive coding challenge in the end that will let students take a shot at applying what they’ve just learned.

The course has already been launched and is available by the link.


  • 20 video lessons with 2D graphics and screencast inserts
  • Interactive challenges increase engagement of the audience