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  • 8 Live-Action and Animated Videos 8 Live-Action and Animated Videos
  • 1000+ New Regular Users 1000+ New Regular Users
  • Displayed on YouTube and Facebook Displayed on YouTube and Facebook

Fastic is a health app that makes fasting simple and accessible for everyone. We created a set of product videos to advertise the app on Facebook and YouTube.

The Task

Create a set of live-action product videos that would show the app’s features and draw the target audience.

The Solution

The SLON Media team came up with 8 concepts for video creatives.

We created different characters who could represent the target audience in various scenarios: at work, while cooking, working up and practicing yoga. One of the main characters was 40-years old woman Jennifer. She is a working mom and wants to lose weight with Fastic.


  • Videos showed good performance during the promo campaigns and attracted hundreds of new users
  • 8 variations were displayed on Facebook and YouTube