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Product Video for Mira Fertility cover
  • Video for Landing Page and Promo Video for Landing Page and Promo
  • Conversion Rate +58% Conversion Rate +58%
  • Resized into Different Formats Resized into Different Formats

Mira Fertility is an IoT tracking system for women's health. They developed hardware and a mobile app that tests and analyzes ovulation, fertility, fetal health and miscarriage, and hormone imbalances.

The Task

Develop an explainer product video to help potential users understand how Mira System works. The video will be used on the landing page, as well as for promo campaigns on social platfoms and YouTube ads.

  • Product Video for Mira Fertility client review
  • Product Video for Mira Fertility client talk


After discussing the details with the client, we developed and scenario according to the client’s creative concept. The brand assets and graphics used in the video production process were provided by Mira’s team. The casting and voiceover recording was on our side.

Product Video for Mira Fertility Step-by-step instruction

Step-by-step instruction on how to use Mira’s product


  • The video was used on the landing page and in promo campaigns on social platforms
  • After sharing the video, the conversion rate increased by 58%
  • The video was resized into different formats for the promo campaign

Client Talk

  • SLON Media was attentive to detail and was willing to go the extra mile to achieve our goals. The keen understanding of the product allowed them to craft a visually appealing way to represent it.

    Katherine review
    Katherine Sakovich
    Head of Marketing at Mira