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Product Explainer and Promo Videos for VALK

Product Explainer and Promo Videos for VALK cover
  • Animated Video Animated Video
  • Pack of Promo Videos Pack of Promo Videos
  • Crypto Product Explainer Crypto Product Explainer

VALK – is a project building an ecosystem of powerful decentralized tools for smart trading and investing in DeFi. Merlin is their DeFi wallet tracker that helps to solve portfolio reporting challenges.

⭐ The Task

To introduce and promote the client’s product – smart portfolio tracker Merlin (now in beta) with help of product explainer and a pack of promo videos.


The client provided us with the brand book, fonts, colors, and the description of the product, Merlin. We made up a script for the product explainer and created a 90-sec 2D product video and five short promos. 


  • Product video explains how the portfolio tracker works
  • Short additional videos are used in promo campaigns