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Post-Production for PandaDoc Podcast cover
  • 720 Downloads per Episode 720 Downloads per Episode
  • 38,861 Lifetime Streams 38,861 Lifetime Streams
  • 50+ Special Guests 50+ Special Guests

Do you listen to podcasts to fall asleep faster? If you do, you'd better not try that with the PandaDoc’s podcast The Customer Engagement Lab: you seriously risk getting too excited to sleep at all.

Thematic Episode

The Task

PandaDoc came to us with a request for podcast post-production. The podcast should help attract the target audience, maintain interest in PandaDoc’s product and the company itself. So, the task was to maintain balance between informativeness and fun with the help of thoughtful post production.

Classic Episode


As an input material, we got raw footage from different cameras and a podcast cover screen used to determine the color scheme and the key visual elements for each podcast episode.

There are 3 types of podcast: 

— Classic interview with a guest;

— Thematic podcast – on the topic of brand operations, marketing or sales;

— A roundtable with 3-4 guests – a more entertaining option.


Round Table

As parts of post-production, we do:

  1. Video editing. PandaDoc trusts us to cut and edit the original videos, selecting the most interesting parts from them.
  2. Work with content and text. We review the full video to set accents and select bullet points or quotes. We also make captions for the teasers so the audience can watch them without sound.
  3. Ideation and graphics development. At the beginning of our partnership, the PandaDoc team shared their vision of post production and gave us ideas for applying sound design and animation. Now that we have established a trusting relationship, we make these decisions entirely on our own. Graphics are being approved by the PandaDoc design team.
  4. Audio correction. We edit the audio track, make equalization and other refinements, and deliver the podcast audio output.
  5. Music production. We use original music tracks for crossovers, which were composed by our music producer.
  6. Teaser production. We create unique teasers for each podcast episode to make announcements and remind audiences about the podcast after the release to maximize views.

Teasers are classified into 4 formats: 

  • longer pieces of video (up to a minute), which are used to engage the audience,
  • 20-30 seconds – to increase and maintain interest in a topic, 
  • teaser with a guest, where the guest talks about what will be discussed in the full video,
  • mashup.

The team composition includes Producer, Graphic Designer, Art Director, editors. Sound Designers and Motion Designers.

Video review on our collaboration by Travis Tyler, Sr. Digital Content Producer at PandaDoc and The Customer Engagement Lab host.


  • 38,861 lifetime streams of the podcast
  • Average amount of downloads – 720 per episode
  • More than 50 special guests have attended the podcast
  • 21 podcast episodes since January 2022