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NFT Image of a Tiger for Polkadex
  • NFT Image Design NFT Image Design
  • Increased Brand Loyalty Increased Brand Loyalty
  • Attracted Target Audience Attracted Target Audience

Polkadex – the trading engine for Web3 – asked us to create an NFT that would become their symbol. We designed a tiger character which purr-fectly represents the company's brand.

⭐️The Task

To develop an NFT item that would represent the company and associate with confidence and success to attract target audience.


Since Polkadex is the trading engine for Web3, the creative idea we came up with was to make the NFT in a futuristic style, with neon lights and holographic elements.

  • NFT Image of Tiger for Polkadex

We designed a tiger – the animal of 2022 according to Chinese zodiac.

  • NFT Image for Polkadex First Concept
  • NFT Image for Polkadex Third Concept
  • NFT Image for Polkadex Second Concept

Creative concepts

During the workflow we made 3 versions of the logo placement: on the watches as a hologram, as a hologram from the phone and on a necklace. The client chose the third version, and we completed it in color.


  • The NFT image helps to attract target audience and increase brand awareness and loyalty