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Keep Calm and Party on with Snax Games - Videos and Playables

snax case cover
  • 10 Animated Videos 10 Animated Videos
  • Increased Number of Users Increased Number of Users
  • Built Brand Awareness Built Brand Awareness

If your party doesn't look like the new Snax game don't bother inviting us...
Snax is a mobile game developer. Recently they launched a new casual game and SLON made video creatives and playable ad to promote it.

  • 2D animated videos

? The Task

The client’s main goals were to attract new audience to their new game «Puzzles&Parties» and to build brand awareness with help of promo videos.

  • 2D animated video creatives

??The Solution

The creative idea of the videos was based on the concept of the game itself: you put the puzzles together and the party begins. We made a huge set of animated gameplay video creatives , live-action videos, each in 3 resizes, and a playable ad.

Playable Ad


  • Set of 10 video creatives are being used in the promo camaigns and attracting new audience