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Full-Service Marketing Campaign for Goodex cover
  • Full-Service Marketing Campaign Full-Service Marketing Campaign
  • Reached 1.4M Unique Users Reached 1.4M Unique Users
  • 5.5M Views on TikTok, FB, YT 5.5M Views on TikTok, FB, YT

Goodex is a food delivery startup from Ukraine. For them, we developed a comprehensive marketing strategy and generated videos that went viral.

The main video

⭐️The Task

Develop a complex marketing strategy to increase Goodex brand awareness and attract new customers.


We developed a marketing strategy, which included several stages:

  1. Video production and static banners design for online and outdoor campaigns;
  2. Media campaigns on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and many other platforms — with the main video to build brand awareness, with additional video creatives to increase conversions;
  3. Results measurement based on the objectives set.

We came up with the creative idea and wrote the script. Creatives were filmed with the help of director Lev Salif. The ready set of videos consisted of the main ad and 4 short video creatives. static banners based on the same concepts as videos

The videos and banners were used both in online campaigns launched by the SLON team and the outdoor advertising campaigns launched by Goodex.

Outdoor campaigns included such placements as:

  • digital billboards in shopping malls;
  • static banners and posters in subways;
  • mobile banners on buses, trolleybuses, trams, etc.

For the media campaign, we developed a funnel aimed at acquiring a target audience and converting them into customers. The videos and banners were displayed on such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, and many others.

First, we launched awareness campaigns with the main video to reach the maximum amount of potential users. After that, we displayed additional creatives and banners targeted to those who have already seen the main video. It helped us to warm up the potential users and make them try the Goodex services thus increasing conversions.

In total, the media campaign got:

  • 1.4M reach
  • 146K clicks
  • 0.004$ CPV (cost per visitor)
  • 3.17% CTR


  • Great reach for both online and offline promo campaigns with videos filmed by Lev Salif
  • The media campaign got 5.5M views in total with 1.4M reach and great CPV/CTR metrics