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Explainer Video for the Liquality Wallet cover
  • 2D Animated Graphics 2D Animated Graphics
  • Explainer Video Explainer Video
  • Crypto Product Crypto Product

Liquality is a cryptowallet that connects multiple blockchain. They wanted to introduce one the wallet's feature – Arbitrum implementation. We made a 2D video explainer for them.

⭐The Task

To explain the wallet’s feature that allows to send, swap, receive, and use apps on Arbitrum – a suite of Ethereum scaling solutions – with help of animated video.


Our team created video explainer based on screncasts and 2D graphics. The video shows how to integrate Arbitrum System into the Liquality Wallet, set up a wallet and make exchange transactions in it. We used Liquality brandbook and brand guidlines to make the video fit client’s visual identity.


  • The video explains the wallet feature and how to use it