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Explainer Video and Illustrations for CreatorVerse

Cover Explainer Video and Illustration for CreatorVerse
  • 2D Product Explainer 2D Product Explainer
  • Engaging Website Illustrations Engaging Website Illustrations
  • Brand Awareness Building Brand Awareness Building

Can you imagine a universe where creators get a fair income for their work and efforts? Well, it already exists and it is called CreatorVerse. It's a Centralized Social Token Exchange that allows communities to invest in their favorite creators in a simple and secure way.

⭐The Task

CreatorVerse wanted to build stronger brand image and increase loyalty among the audience with the help of engaging content. Our task was the creation of illustrations for the websites, explainer video production, and the development of two groups of characters.

  • illustrations for creatorverse website sphere
  • illustrations for creatorverse website glasses
  • illustrations for creatorverse website
  • illustrations for creatorverse website head
  • illustrations for creatorverse website icons

Illustrations for CreatorVerse Website


We developed 5 unique illustrations for the CreatorVerse website using clinet’s brandbook. 

The product video was made in isometric style with lots of characters in it. We made smooth transitions and defined highlights in the video so the user would understand the idea of the project. The voiceover of the video was made in a robotic manner to give the project a technological feel. 

  • character design creators sketch outline
  • character design creators sketch in color
  • character design creators final result

Character Design: Creators

In addition to these materials, we created illustrations of fans and creators  which the client uses in the email designs.

  • character design fans sketch outline
  • character design fans sketch in color
  • character design fans final result

Character Design: Fans


  • Explainer video increased brand awareness
  • Illustrations convey the company's values and attract the target audience
  • Character design contributed to brand loyalty and community building