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  • Performance Audit Performance Audit

SNAX Games just can't stop hosting parties – and you're invited! The cause of celebration is a pack of new creatives for "Parties&Puzzles", as well as setup and optimization of the ad account.

The Task

Snax Games needed a pack of effective video creatives for User Acquisition campaigns. They were still in search of their own visual style and format for ads. The additional task was to help them set up marketing campaigns.


Based on MVP of the game our team developed a big set of animated video creatives with different concepts to understand which works best. We found out that the audience prefers stylish and informative creatives against misleading and trendy concepts.

When the first creatives were launched, the results of the campaign were not as high as expected. We conducted a performance marketing audit to determine the cause.

The audit showed that the client’s ad account was not set up correctly. A lot of crucial data was missing, making it impossible to run UA campaign effectively.

Our review consisted of 3 parts:

  1. Tech Review (attribution, integration, events, analytics)
  2. Campaigns Performance Review (performance analysis, KPI review, structure & optimisation)
  3. UA Testing Flow Review (KPIs, structure, conclusions)

Based on the perfomance audit results we reset and optimized the advertising account and made it work correctly.


  • UA creatives showed high perfmormance metrics
  • Creative concepts testing helped to develop the game visual style
  • Full setup and optimization of the client's ad account