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Animated and Live Action Videos for cover egg vegetables
  • High CTR High CTR
  • Increased conversions Increased conversions
  • Used in current campaigns Used in current campaigns on the App Store is the diet nutrition tracker app. They asked SLON Media to make a set of colorful creatives for their UA campaigns.

The task

To create a set of creatives to use for effective media buying. The main KPI was to increase the number of installs of the app among women between 25 and 44 maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The solution

The solution was to make both animated and live-action creatives. We’ve already had a great experience with health apps and food video production so we knew what to do from the beginning. Our team developed 5 concepts including 2 filmed creatives with food footages and 3 animated creatives. 

  • Live-action video for a vivid effect
  • Engaging users through making a choice
  • Interface demonstration for better conversions
  • Creative food animation


  • Creatives performed impressively high CTR
  • Keto continues to use them for current campaigns
  • Conversions to installs increased significantly

Client Talk

  • SLON Media’s outputs are currently used on the client’s ongoing campaigns and they continue to deliver high CTR.  They understood what the client needed and provided great services. There were no communication issues reported throughout the engagement.

    Mike Platonov
    CEO, Lappir