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  • Full-Cycle Creative Production Full-Cycle Creative Production
  • Increased CTR Increased CTR
  • Live Action + 3D Animation Live Action + 3D Animation

Hexaware is a fast-growing service provider specializing in IT, BPO and Consulting services. We helped them to create a video ad to promote the Amaze app and took part in the app design process.

«As the process of migration to the cloud with amaze is as simple as plug and play, we may assume that it is as easy as one tap. Tap — and a document is in the cloud. Tap — and its essence is digitalized. Tap — and it has another substance from now on”.

⭐️The Task

To create the advertising video in order to promote the Amaze app. The creatives should show the ease of cloud migration processes.

Target Audience: CEOs of companies that need Cloud systems, established senior people.

Clouds test video

?The Solution

We needed to emphasize the advantages of working with cloud systems: it is quicker to access for those who need it, it requires less resources to work with, and it is simply more convenient. We created 3 concepts, the client chose the third one — to show the process of «cloudifying everything» with just a tap.

backstage of video shootings for hexaware


We prepared all the storyboards with detailed sketches, casting list, clothing, location, props, music and graphic design for the video. The team composition for this project included Art Director, 1 Producer, Director, 20 actors, screenwriter, CG artist, Graphic Designer and Sound Designer.

storyboard for hexaware promo video



We used 3D clouds as the metaphoric representation of the Amaze platform. The clouds turned out to be natural, moving and catchy. Our team also worked on the app design, and the client liked the result.


  • Live-action + 3D animation video
  • The campaigns with video performed a high CTR
  • Strengthened brand awareness