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Creative Marketing for Instories Cover Phone Screens
  • Attracted New Active Users Attracted New Active Users
  • Used for UA Campaigns on IG and TT Used for UA Campaigns on IG and TT
  • Localizations in Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish Localizations in Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish

Instories, a powerful tool for creating animated stories, partnered with SLON to enhance their marketing efforts with help of video ads. We produced 15 video creatives for Instagram and TikTok, along with localizations in Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Client Objectives

Instories sought to promote their app by creating captivating shooting creatives that resonated with their target audience. They also aimed to expand their reach through localizations for an authentic user experience.

  • Ads Loalizations

Our Approach

To fulfill Instories’ objectives, SLON assembled a talented team consisting of an art director, creative director, producer, seven actors, cameraman, director, editor, and account manager. The team meticulously curated content by studying Instagram and TikTok trends, ensuring that the creatives would align with the platform’s user preferences.

Native actors were carefully chosen to provide an immersive experience in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. Furthermore, our team selected visually stunning locations in Madeira, Milan, Amsterdam, and Warsaw to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the creatives.


  • Screencast-Based Videos

Production Process

Our team executed a seamless production process, collaborating closely with Instories. We developed scripts based on Instories’ references, ensuring the creatives were aligned with the brand’s vision. Our team conducted shooting sessions in diverse locations, capturing captivating visuals that complemented the creatives’ narrative. Screencasts from the Instories application were incorporated to showcase the tool’s functionality and user experience.


The collaboration between SLON Media and Instories yielded an increase in brand awareness and user engagement, with the creatives capturing the attention of their target audience on Instagram and TikTok.