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Last month Cyprus saw the beautiful musical show Noir by Greek director and co-owner of Broadway show productions George Valaris. Ready to take a look behind the curtain and see how we created Noir’s branding?

It’s Show Time

Noir is an extraordinary dining experience intertwined with a contemporary cabaret performance, merging the worlds of exquisite cuisine and captivating music.

Crafted by the renowned Greek director George Valaris, this one-of-a-kind and dazzling spectacle showcases a talented ensemble of over 20 exceptional artists hailing from Greece, Cyprus, and various corners of the globe. Among them are mesmerizing vocalists, dancers and acrobats.

Client’s Objective

Star Hills Production and UV Entertainment, event production companies, sought to promote the Noir show in Cyprus and required a distinctive style for the event to captivate the attention of potential investors. Additionally, they needed a compelling pitch deck to attract partners and sponsors.

Our Approach

To meet the requirements of the show’s format, we devised three concepts. The branding had to evoke a sense of opulence, exclusivity, and intrigue.

Concept 1 – Tarot

Modern art deco with elements of mysticism (black images on dark gray that make up the background of the text in the menu/invitation). Main palette: gold and black, secondary palette: azure, green, burgundy, violet.


Concept 2 – Dynamics

A dynamic logo, with a stylized background image (dots or lines). The logo may dissolve into the background. The logo will have two forms: outline and filled. The basic colors are black and neon red, purple and electric blue are secondary colors.

Concept 3 – Peeking

We worked through the keyhole/eye idea in this concept. The font itself looks out of the background space. Colors: black and electric version of blue, scarlet, green (in printed materials we would make them metallic).

Working closely with the client, we selected the most fitting concept and transformed it into a comprehensive and unparalleled branding. This encompassed the creation of a unique logo, color palette, fonts, corporate patterns, and brand guidelines.

Given that social media served as the primary promotional channel, our team developed corresponding social media elements. These included a profile icon, highlight covers, and post templates that harmonized seamlessly with the established branding.


Through the marketing efforts of SLON, the Noir show blossomed into an extraordinary triumph. Our branding helped to attract a constellation of sponsors that included the likes of Party Guide, Advanced Hair Clinics, Opus Events Venue, Mix FM Radio, and a host of other prominent names. 

The show itself shimmered with the presence of renowned artists such as singer and actress Nina Lotsari, MTV award winner Shaya Hansen, professional dancers Nicolas Giannis and Natalie Kader.