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Animated product video for Altum

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  • Animated Features Demonstration Animated Features Demonstration
  • Effective Presentation to Investors Effective Presentation to Investors
  • Noticeable increase in conversions Noticeable increase in conversions

Altum Analytics is a startup developing an account fit scoring tool for Salesforce. It allows users to customize the algorithms and prioritize leads in real-time using b2b data and generate insights directly in Salesforce.

The Task

To show the main features of the product in a dynamic presentation using corporate style. The target audience for the video consists of Salesforce users, potential investors and potential customers.

  • altum improved rate
    Animated conclusion
  • altum interface
    Interface demonstration

The Solution

We created an animated video demonstrating the interface of the Altum and explaining its key features. The video will be used on the company’s webpage, as well as for promotion and presentation to investors.


  • Animated interface and features demonstration
  • Video for promo campaigns and presentation to investors