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This year was a true rediscovery of AI in the creation of art objects. We always keep up with the current trends and tried to implement AI to one of our beloved client's social media.

💧The Task

SLON Tam is responsible for the social media presence of the International Swimming League for the last several years. And we’re always trying to come up with the new and engaging content formats.

There are 10 teams in the League. Each of them has its own original logo and aesthetics. We thought about what if we create fresh visuals based on those elements with the help of neural networks.


SLON Team made a series of 10 posts showing the variations of images for each team. To generate AI visuals we used Midjourney and DALL·E 2. The audience was excited by this unusual format and was actively engaged in sharing and interacting in the comment section under each posts. Compared to other posts with static visuals the result in terms of reach and overall engagement readers is higher than average.


  • Increase in the audience reach and engagemnt by using fresh and trendy AI-generated content