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3D Trailer for NFT Game - Ancient Heroes

Ancient Heroes cover
  • NFT Game Teaser for Community NFT Game Teaser for Community
  • Advanced 3D Animation Advanced 3D Animation
  • Target Audience Warm Up Target Audience Warm Up

Ancient Heroes is an upcoming strategic game with NFT collections. They're going to launch soon and we helped them to create a spectacular teaser.

⭐️The Task

The client wanted to make a short 5-10 second teaser, showcasing one of the key game characters.

?The Solution

SLON team created an advanced 3D video depicting «Greek God Character» waking up from hibernation. The frame was split into 4 parts, where we show the body of our character and fade to reserve some intrigue. We also added shaking of the camera to make the sound and visual of lightning more apparent and make the trailer more dramatic.


  • The trailer will be used to tease the upcoming game on social media and promo campaigns