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Video Marketing – Is The Engine Of Modern Advertising

Do you know how powerful can be Video Marketing? Here are 6 main reasons, why you should use video marketing right now in your business.

The great leap in technological development has occurred in the last decade: methods of obtaining information, speed of transmission and the principles of advertising have changed. Nevertheless, the leader of changes is the world of Internet marketing. The amount of Internet information is increasing, and it means that the ways of its perception are changing.

Show must go on

Contemporary man prefers to watch digital video, instead of reading books. But why? The human brain perceives the video rather than text: video clips require less effort, there is all clear and easier to understand. Only imagine, 55% of people watch videos daily. Every second in the Internet videos appear in such numbers, that viewing them will take you more than 5 years. That's why video marketing attaches great importance.

6 steps to success

Today, more than 65% of businesses use in their business such tool as video marketing. And here are 6 main reasons why it is necessary to use it:

1. Video increases a conversion rate and sales. Everything looks clearly in the video. You are more likely buy product if you will see it than just read about it even in the most emotional article, aren't you? The researches show, that 74% of customers pay for the product after watching the video. Visualization is a psychological factor.

2. The video pays for the investment. The main is that video can be recorded by yourself, without attracting specialists. Again, customers like realistic picture.

3. The video sets the trust. The movie creates a feeling of individual approach, 57% of consumers say that videos gave them more confidence when they were shopping online.

4. Website and social networks promotion in the TOP. It's simple, video increases the time spent on the website, and this in turn puts it above the potential rivals in the search engine.

5. Even lazy people look videos. Of course, sitting at work, when there is a boss next to you, it is easier to read. But, from time to time even avid readers watching movies. Who doesn't like to view the newsfeed in Facebook or YouTube in the evening, or watch movies, where in the middle exactly your advertisement may appear?

6. Video improves conversion rates of advertising. Do you know that video in email increases the number of clicks by 96%? It is impressive, isn't it?

Аnd what would be in the result?

What future waits for video marketing? It becomes clear from the following statistics: the word "video" in the email line "subject" increases the number of openings by 19%, conversions by 65% and reduces the percentage of replies by 26%. Video is the one of the main toolbox of online promotion today. Clients are waiting for it. Video marketing will increase your sales.

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