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TOP 25 content marketing tactics in 2017

Brief check list what every marketer should do with content marketing in 2017.

1) Email your teams.
2) Email industry peers.
3) Have an email sign-up form, and email web and blog visitors once a week.
4) Test email subject lines.
5) Email directly to qualified leads.
6) Put content in your email signature.
7) Submit guest posts and request guest posts to broaden the Content audience.
8) Create content that acts as a resource for others, building a network of inbound links (research, infographic, video, education).
9) Make a Slack channel for content.
10) Post to Slack with each update.
11) Repurpose into SlideShare.
12) Share on LinkedIn.
13) Publish on Medium.
14) Post to Reddit.
15)Host a Facebook Live.
16) Livestream from Instagram.
17) Convert to images and post to Imgur, Instagram, Pinterest.
18) Create an Instagram story.
19) Transform to video content and post to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook.
20) Share with relevant podcasts.
21) Mention companies and influencers featured.
22) Promote specific articles, research and e-books on paid social.
23)Co-promote with a partner.
24) Target long-tail search terms with sequenced blog posts.
25) Create a content micro-site targeted for a specific keyword.
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