video marketing proposal
The situation at the moment.
SAIT is a company with a great history and a huge range of high-quality products manufactured in Italy.
Many distributors and end users know these facts and appreciate the brand. But the large part of the target audience remains uninformed due to the very low representation of the company on the digital platforms.
What we need.
SAIT is not about cheapness, it's about high quality. This should be known by as many people as possible, which will provoke increased knowledge and subsequent increase in sales.
Who is our target audience.
Distributors: they are interested in having a portfolio of brands that will be in demand by their end customers. But first, they must be sure that they choose the best partners. They often give preference to brands with highly developed marketing infrastructure, which in the future will help them conclude more contracts.

End users: they are the catalyst that accelerates the inclusion of the brand in the distributor's portfolio, as they generate demand. It is very important for them to directly interact
with the brand, and have great communication with it. They look for such a tight communication in digital channels, and digital absence for them is a bad signal.
Naked truth (what potential customers can think of us):
"It's expensive enough, but there's so little information about it. Does it really justify its money? Will it help me with the solution of my tasks? I don't want to go to the showroom or talk to managers on the phone, I want to see the products in action directly now, learn more about them. It seems that something is kept secret from me, so I'll better look at what other companies offer"
Quality should be visible at a glance.
Message to target audience:
We show what the real quality is.
Shift (What will change in the minds of consumers):
Distributors: "Now I can visually show all the advantages of the SAIT to my clients. That will help me sell more. This is a good reason for more close cooperation"

End users: "What incredible things can be done with the help of SAIT. They show me how to be better in my field. I'll keep close to them"
Reason to believe.
High quality and safety standards confirmed by the ISO 9001 plus incredible parameters of products, and results achieved by using them that could be easily shown.
Communication channels
Types of content

- Corporate video. History of the SAIT, its development, achievements values. Overview of the product line and industries range.

- Product line video (for each industry). We show what products for solving problems in one particular industry exist. Here we can choose solutions that will be useful to distinguish us from competitors.

- How-to videos (Case studies). We show and teach users how to use SAIT products in practice. Or show successful cases and great results as the result of SAIT products and technologies. That allows to describe even more deeply the advantages and opportunities.

- 3D videos. A very modern and convenient way to show the product and the results of its use from all sides.


- Infographics. A great way to systematize data about products / industries / tasks that popular among users.

- Product images. Storytelling through the colorful images of products and users at work.

You can see examples of all types of content on the page:
Targeted digital promotion of content
We show our content directly to those people who will be interested in it, and who can turn into loyal or new customers of the company.
Those users who have at least once touched the content will come back again and again to the site and other digital platforms thanks to the special features used by our talented specialists.
Social Media Marketing
We provide customers with content where they are. At a convenient time, in popular formats, and using a language that they understand. We also create a communication platform with the brand, which by the speed of interaction can not be compared to any other traditional channel. We start hearing and understanding them, they start hearing and understanding us.

Goals for video marketing campaign (should be discussed and approved)
1. To create a digital presence of the company on platforms FB, Instagram, Youtube

2. Create a content for a beginning. Start work with target audience and its response.
The process of implementing the communication strategy into life
Generating ideas for different types of content and choosing the most effective and attractive ones.
Production of content. Ideas take their finished form in our creative laboratory.
Promotion and distribution of the content and social media pages
Analyzing results, strategy improvements, defining next steps
Proposal for implementation of the strategy
Design and customization SAIT social media pages
(Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)
1) Create corporate video of SAIT. Main image building video with history, values and market approach, industries of presence and success cases. Example 1, Example 2.

2) Create product line video for metal industry. We chose unique or high competitive products and make promo video with focus on final superior result. (abrasive wheels, flap discs – this point should be discussed). Example

3) The same for stone and building industry
Depends on videos
STEp 3
1) Seeding of ready videos for metal and stone – for each industry we choose 2-3 different regions for promotion. Work with statistics and adjust campaign

2) Full Social Media management:
- Company's page promotion
- Facebook ads
- Retargeting
- Page customization
- Content management
per month
STEp 4
— Analysing results
— Define further social media strategy
— Prepare list of recommendations for the next steps
If after reviewing our full list of services you feel like the items don't fit your needs appropriately, just send me a comment and I'll make any necessary changes.
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