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What You Get

  • Relevant audience

    Reach people that are genuinely interested in your products or services. A true and effective media budget with a targeted promotion strategy. Protected 100% from fraud and fake views.

  • Relevant goals

    Gathering new leads, traffic or generating buzz? We focus on the specific goals of your promotional campaign.

  • Starts with 1¢ per view

    Reach the hearts and minds of thousands for the price of a cup of a coffee.

How it Works

To get real targeted views we use only official Youtube ads and Facebook ads promotion tools. It is the smart combination of different ads format to get maximum results. All views are real, targeted, trackable in analytics and guaranteed by Youtube and Facebook.

  • 1. Find Audience

    We collect and analyse all the information about your target audience


  • 2. Strategy

    After getting all the information concerning your goals we offer a targeted promotion strategy prepared specifically for your needs, also containing media budgets and relevant KPI’s.

  • 3. Set up

    Here we start the preparation work. From optimizing your videos (don’t have a video?) for different platforms to set up instruments of targeted promotion such as Facebook ads and Google ads.

  • 4. Analyze and improve

    While you watching your videos go viral, we analyze results and constantly improve performance and scale the success.

Clients Talk

  • Working with SLON Media has been great. They are very professional and accommodating handled these challenges very well and delivered a quality product. SLON Media helped us create stunning digital videos for App Store and social media. They did a wonderful job covering video for our new application WANNA NAILS. The team were very creative and captured so many beautiful moments. They are very flexible and willing to accommodate changes as required.

    Darya Sesitskaya, Global Marketing Manager at WANNABY
  • We are UK based design management agency with operational office in China. Slon's team managed to perform all activities with the excellent creativity level, in a very professional, and what is more important, efficient way. What was the result? New clients gained! The most bloody clear ROI you might ever think about! Highly recommended, no doubts. Cheers!

    Kiryl Bazhedarau, CEO at Simplicity design
  • We worked with the company on promotion of the first official teaser of the National Art Museum. Excellent approach, understanding and readiness to quickly search for compromises in legal matters, sensitive and professional attitude to our aesthetic product! This is a success and an additional 3.5 thousand visitors to the museum during the promotion period! Thanks to the team! I hope we'll work together again!

    Lizaveta Yelinevich, Marketing Director at National Museum of Belarus
  • Now, we need to create loyalty first and only then sell products and services. We are forced to work a lot with digital channels to be more efficient and be ahead of our competitors. Here we need real professionals. We work with Slon Media, because they know up-to-date tools and techniques of digital marketing and are able to understand and fulfill our requests.

    Dmitry Bugaev, CEO at Epio Industrial

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the main channels of promotion?

    We concentrate our efforts on such social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn. To get views we set up ad campaigns in platforms official advertising tools.

  • How do you find my target audience?

    Advertising tools of social networks allow us to set up very accurate targeted campaigns. The more input you provide during the briefing phase, the more precise the setting will be. Any information can be useful: from the interests of your audience to the list with phone numbers.

  • How do you know that all views are targeted and real?

    All views can actually be divided into two main types: paid and organic. Paid are those that are achieved through our work with promotional tools. Organic are the consequence, and can achieve very great results, once boosted by paid. In our work, we use only official platform tools, adding our experience and some magic lifehaсks. Therefore, all budgets are aimed at achieving only real views of a potentially interested audience.

  • What is the minimum budget I can start with?

    Practically you can start with absolutely any budget, even with $ 1. But in order to qualitatively test marketing hypotheses, we recommend starting with a minimum budget of $ 500.

  • Will I be able to promote the video to those who were on my website, blog, social page, or had an offline interaction with me or my company?

    Yes, this is an obligatory part of magic

  • What if I don't have video?

    This is an excellent opportunity to start work on its creation. And we will gladly become your partner in this process. Read more about video production here.

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