Make new celebrities, popular bloggers and new Instagram stars talk about your products
People trust their idols
The Nielsen study showed that 92% of consumers believe the recommendations, while only 33% trust direct advertising.

According toTwitter 40% of the users surveyed said they buy goods according to the recommendations of opinion leaders.

47% of Internet users use ad blockers, which block direct advertising, but do not interfere with the publication of bloggers.

According to AdWeek, the impact marketing on average brings $ 6.50 for every dollar spent.

We develop and manage your influencer marketing from A to Z:
- Create a whole strategy on approaching and working with influencers in your field
- Find suitable influencer accounts aimed at your target audience
- Prepare any needed materials
- Arrange all the interactions with influencers
- Control, measure and analyze the results to drive improvement and ensure you are reaching your goals
- Drive your business performance

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