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Top 10 product videos 2020

Top 10 product videos 2020

It’s pretty evident that video is one of the main tools in creative marketing today. However, the recipe for a great product video is still a mystery. Well, of course, there is no ready-made pattern for it.

But neither you have to invent the wheel. You can always find some great examples to take inspiration from. We’ve put together 10 outstanding product videos from 2020 for you:

1. Finmatex

A live-action video in which a company representative tells about a typical yet dramatic case of a bank’s client service work: a client has to wait in line for hours just to find out that the necessary information can be obtained elsewhere. Sounds pretty frustrating…

2. Onewheel

Built to Destroy Boredom — cool catchphrase can be a main element of your product’s promotion, just as a great live-action video.

3. Poll Everywhere

Remote work is a forced necessity these days. Everyone is still trying to get used to this new reality. Here is an example of a product video for an app made for remote meetings to become more effective.

4. Relate

As mentioned before, productive remote team collaboration is an important thing nowadays. At Relate they’ve managed to point out this important feature of their app as well.

5. SLON Media

The video for SLON, a video production and marketing agency, demonstrating how they create video, distribution process and social marketing services for business.

6. Editor X

One of the main goals of a product video is to show how flexible your product can be. Take a look at this great video of an advanced website creation platform Editor X.

A more detailed presentation of your product will work just as good! Check out this product video for cloud-based collaboration platform

8. Pitch

Even when the name of a product speaks for itself there is still a need for a great product video. In this case, it was managed to make two in one: engaging live-action video and interface demonstration.

9. Artyline

The product was completely explained inside and out in a short dynamic video for a complex AI-powered app, Artyline. Visualization and validation of ideas and prototypes never seemed easier!

10. Outpay
A witty video telling us about Outpay, a new fast and safe way to pay a bill at restaurants especially relevant during the pandemic times. Great script is another tool for catching the attention of customers.


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