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Pediatric eye clinic EYES.BY promo video

Pediatric eye clinic EYES.BY

The SLON media team was faced with the task of telling about the children’s department of the eye clinic «New Vision» with the help of a bright video clip, which would stand out against the background of inconspicuous marketing communications of competitors, creating a trustworthy and a warm feeling among the potential audience of the clinic’s services — children and their parents.



We have proposed and implemented a concept, in which the story of the boy in the first person is told. The main character, like thousands of other children, dreams! Dreams about who he’s going to be in the future and trying to take his first steps in it. So it turns out the boy doesn’t have everything because he has vision problems. But all reasons for grief are easily overcome with the help of the best and most caring doctors and methods of the clinic «New Vision». To be treated is not afraid at all — it is fun!


Pediatric eye clinic EYES.BY promo video


Taisia Mo — Producer


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Slon Media team has demonstrated a professional approach, attention to details and focus on results. They’ve done a wonderful job.

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