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Mobile marketing trends in 2022

cover mobile marketing trends 2022

We gathered for you some of the mobile marketing trends in 2022, which are worth following, and offered some tips on how to adapt to them and perform better. Check it out!

1. Data privacy — IDFA changes

In 2020, Apple announced changes in identifier for advertisers (IDFA). Starting with iOS 14.5 IDFA will be an opt-in feature. It made mobile ads performance measuring more complicated and reduced IDFA effectiveness. Facebook suggests this change could reduce developer revenues by 50%.

Google’s Android Advertising ID is adjusting its privacy policy by narrowing the targeting and retargeting possibilities. We can expect this to cause a revival of traditional forms of creative advertising.

How to deal with it: Use Apple’s SKAdNetwork as a substitute for data collection

  • phone privacy policy

2. Ad formats: Playables

Apple and Google’s ads privacy policies will cause mobile companies to switch to other ad formats. The most popular format is expected to be playable ads. The strengths of this ad format are interactivity, which naturally attracts game lovers, and the ability to collect in-ad data for performance analysis.

How to deal with it: Use interactive and playable formats

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be almost as trustworthy and effective as UGC, if your influencers fit your target audience and platforms. To maximize the effect of influencer marketing, focus on micro- and nano-influencers (who have up to 50,000 subscribers). Micro-influencers have the highest engagement rates (~7%) thanks to close and personal relations with their audience.

How to deal with it: Collaborate with micro- and nano-influencers


4. The simpler the better

Simple ads are not only faster and cheaper to produce, but also perform better than complex creatives, because they tend to be easier to consume and more eye-catching and emotionally appealing.

How to deal with it: Choose speed over complexity

5. Maturing new markets

Mobile and gaming spendings in maturing markets are constantly increasing. The fastest-growing regions you should consider are Latin America, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Eastern Europe and Turkey. Advertisers are targeting these new markets and, as a consequence, requests for localization of advertising are becoming more and more popular.

How to deal with it: Localize your ads


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