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How to successfully launch your product on Product Hunt?

How to successfully launch your product on Product Hunt?

Would you like to launch a new product? It is never easy, even if you’re a well-known marketer or entrepreneur. So, good decision — crowd marketer

Product Hunt is free, an added benefit for many startups. And it’s a good idea for promotion and testing new products in their beginning.

Regular users can discover and test new apps and tools first hand. They can contribute to the final development of their favorite apps and tools via reviews and comments, engage actively with makers, and learn technical details. And it could help to find cash for development.

But, which tips could help to get the first positions in Product Hunt?

We arу in Slon Media gathered several successful stories of the Product Hunt launches. And we must say it is difficult to get 1000+ votes. Did you ask why? Product hunt is thousands of product launches and everyone would like to be first.

That’s why you must decide what would you like to achieve via product hunt and then to make a strategy for getting goals.

number one

Right now to read about success products and their achievements with Product Hunt.

Wanna Kicks

Wanna Kicks — an app that allows people to try-on shoes in augmented reality. The app’s premise is simple: users use the smartphone camera to focus on their feet.

AR try-on helps to visualize the sneakers before they are delivered to the buyer’s door.

Results —

#3 Product of the Day, January 30, 2019

Wanna Nails

Wanna Nails enables people to try-on nail polish in augmented reality. The app helps to experiment with the selection of color or a combination of colors depending on the lighting, skin color and style. Computer vision algorithms provide realistic colors and shades.

Results —

Badges (Augmented Reality Golden Kitty 2018, #1 Product of the Week, June 12, 2018, #1 Product of the Day, June 12, 2018)


Artyline enables people to try UI-styles on sketches in augmented reality. Visualize and validate ideas in one click before starting designing it. Draw sketch, scan it using the smartphone camera and get screen-layout.

Results —

Badges (#4 Product of the Week, August 14, 2019, #2 Product of the Day, August 14, 2019)

Are you inspirable with these results? How do you think what item did help to take many engagements and viral effects? We think it’s a promo video. Why?

The promo video helps in reaching out to millions of people in a short time. It’s a simple decision to demonstrate a product, which everyone could understand in a short time.

The video can also go viral and gain millions of views within days through sharing on social media platforms. So, one good video could take more attention then hundreds of posts, press release and articles.

What do you want to achieve with a Product Hunt launch?

Do you dream to get press attraction? Do you keep in mind to attract investors? And get 10,000+ new users? Or do you want to increase your income with a new placement?

Be objective, establish the metrics you want to track in advance to determine whether your launch is a success:

  1. comments and reviews;
  2. votes;
  3. downloads/active installs;
  4. referral traffic from social media and PH;
  5. mentions in the media and on social networks.

Only when you decided your goal, you could prepare the product strategy for promoting and achieve goals.

How to promote? Take a checklist:

1. Prepare your product/website for the launch

2. Prepare yourself and your team for the Product Hunt community

3. Prepare an article or FAQ page in which you explain your product in detail

4. Create the best startup explainer videos

Almost all businesses use videos for their marketing campaigns, and 91% of marketers consider videos an important part of their strategy.

5. Prepare a short description of the product and visuals for a social media campaign.

Let everybody know of your Product Hunt launch. Engage with your community on social media. Let them know what Product Hunt is, why you chose it for your official launch, and how they can contribute if they’re not members.


Product Hunt can add momentum to your product launch, put you in touch with new customers, and earn feedback from others interested in what you do.

It’s your chance to show a new product and get first income without a big budget for marketing. But keep in mind the checklist for promoting your project. And get your good experience with the start of a big way to success.

Write to us at and we would happy to talk about your successful launch on product hunt.

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