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How to market to your target generation using video

How to market generations

First you get ready, then you aim, then you fire.
In this article, we've gathered some facts and tips for you that will help you get to know your target audience better and give you ideas on what video content will work best.

1. Baby Boomers (born in 1960–1979)

68% of boomers watch YouTube videos to be entertained. Some of their most-watched categories on the platform, according to recent Google data, were entertainment, music, and news.

They make their decisions based on data rather than opinion. From the financial point of view, this is the most valuable generation for marketing.

People of this generation account for 51% of consumer spending, creating enormous opportunities for brands. Baby boomers are likely to be decision makers in your industry: they own more than 60% of all investments

Target them with explainer videos with focus on your product’s features and benefits. And don’t forget about good sense of humor.

2. Generation X: 40-55 Years Old

Currently, they are in their prime earning years and on their way to reaching the top of their career and make up to 30% of the audience online. It is important to be strategic with how and where you market to this audience since they are experienced with buying both online and in-store. 

Xers tend to research companies online deeply even after viewing your ads. All directories, social media platforms, and your website should have consistent information and messaging.

This generation will see right through you if you hide your agendas or values. Try to be straightforward with your marketing strategy when targeting Gen X.

Generation X appreciates engaging learning content the most. To convince them that your product is the solution to their problem, focus on how-to videos, tutorials and in-depth explanations.

3. Millennials (born in 1980–1994)

Many Millennials are now in senior leadership and decision-making roles and they make up one of the largest demographic groups in the world. But marketing messages won’t easily fool millennials because they’ve grown up surrounded by ads.

In most cases, they log in in order to keep up with news and current trends and to find entertaining or funny content. Try not to be too pushy and remain consistent in the short period of time given to your content. 

The average millennial expects to hold on to content for about 12 seconds. In addition, this generation switches between three screens at the same time. To grab a millennial’s attention, use short content.

4. Zoomers (born in 1995–2010)

The Zoomers group is growing fast and in the nearest future they will make up the majority of consumers. They consume even more visual content than other generations, expect more authenticity, and appreciate direct communication with the companies and brands

They are accustomed to quickly filtering through the content they consume. Zoomers trust the opinions of their peers, so influencer marketing and native ads become essential, but it has to be genuine to be effective.

75% of Zoomers Generation representatives say they use a mobile phone more often than other devices. In addition, zoomers mostly use their phones to make online purchases. One of the most effective ways to reach a zoomer is through mobile advertising

5. Generation Alpha (born in 2011–2025)

The oldest members of the Alpha Generation are still in middle school and we will have to wait at least 10 years for their financial independence. Nevertheless, you should already take them into account. Generation Alpha is expected to be the wealthiest, most educated and technologically literate generation in history. 

They are expected to be individualistic in every way, from appearance and style to mindset and outlook. Their education will be unique and personalized because of the open access to online learning and tutorials. Additionally, they are expected to be constantly changing in habits, interests and behaviors. 

An authoritarian parenting will be unfamiliar to most of them, so Alphas will be open thinkers and will not accept the imposition of values and decisions, including the consumerist ones. It will be a challenge to manipulate their consumption preferences and convince them of the product’s value.

Just imagine the opportunities that will open up for your business, if already at such a young age wild and free Alphas start to form loyalty to your brand. You can become a second Disney!

Now that you know how to market to your target audience, it’s time to «fire» with amazing content, and you know who to turn to for that!
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