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TOP ways how to improve CTR of your ad creatives

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Have you ever think about what makes a good promotional campaign? One of the key ingredients to an effective campaign is a well-designed visual ad or creative that is able to increase Click Through Rate (CTR), conversions and attract new customers. Which means the look of your marketing campaign can often correlate with your overall business results.

​We prepared several great marketing ideas on how to get the most out of your visual content and video creatives.

Trigger buttons

For example, add an install button at the beginning or at the end of your video creative. This kind of direct call-to-action is always extremely effective. People will remember your product.


Show the result

One of the best techniques to show the value of your product is to compare the results before and after using it.

Special offer

There is a formula consisting of the most effective combination for a marketplace creative: special offer (discount) for a popular product + trigger (a button highlighting the reduced price) + call-to-action.

Demonstrate the interface

This type of creatives is especially effective for game apps. Phrases like “Harder than it looks!” in the context of simple and attractive gameplay will always do the thing!

Use questions in headlines.

Especially when a potential customer’s answer is “Yes!”. Find out your audience’s interests before writing headlines.


Inspiring imagery

Draw parallels with some cool character. Stir the imagination of your customers. Let them be heroes!

Show the problem 

And offer your product as a solution. Some people will recognize their own problems and click immediately.


Even a difficult product of a special purpose can be explained with simple words during a short video creative.

Emphasize features

You can always… No, actually, you should always show some main features of your product to the audience. It will call them to click for sure!

Use the facts.

People tend to trust numbers and facts. Use it to attract customers. For example, convert their benefits into percents. Different kinds of dynamic diagrams and graphs will also work.



As it was mentioned, good video creatives can help your business or a particular product. Why not try to launch your next promo campaign with a set of brand new video creatives? Let’s get in touch and discuss how
SLON Media can help you to improve your ad campaigns and increase their CTR!

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