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Agency vs Individual Freelancer

Agency vs Individual Freelancer

Would you like to create inspirable promo video? And you got lost in choice: agency or freelancer?


On one side freelancers having the ultimate independence to make all their creative decisions. These people fell in love with their job and more freedom and a non-standard mindset in creatives. Their work is where their laptop is and can start at any time of the day or night.


 But another side they have a social ‘drought’ as they work alone most of the time. They must be well-organized to cover all aspects of their business and be able to separate working hours and personal life to warn their outburn. And he must develop. And love his work because in another way it’s easy to lose direction and become complacent with the delivery of work.


 If freelancers couldn’t do it, he outburns in soon time and his work will be primitive. And you must remember freelancer is expensive for the business. For example, your tasks are repetitive or need in little experience, a business could pay $20 — $40 an hour for a freelancer (among


But in the agency, it is impossible to outburn or lack of developing. There are many people to support and help with developing and will inspire you on creative work.


So, are you in disarray? We collected 4 reasons why the agency is good for your business better than freelancers.


Freelancer Wants his Clients to Follow his Style

Freelancers, in general, have a personal style which he could enthusiastically sell to potential clients. But this isn’t a good decision for the business. The different tasks of business you need different creatives. And business has a personal brand style which freelancers must keep in mind when to do something inspirable.

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So, the best decision for business it takes discuss what would they like to do and which goals do they set with this creative video.

The freelancer will need to be able to agree and disagree (with reason) from time to time. But discussing must-have for creating a commercial video. Sometimes it’s difficult with the freelancer because he could be isn’t well-organized to talk in time and to cover all aspects of your business.


When you work with the agency, you constantly discuss with the creative team about goals, style, the format of the video and about how to improve separate scenes. It’s more constructive and effectively for business because you talk about video task and it help to the business.


Personals’ developing of freelancer and criticism

Everybody for personal growth needs to criticize opinion, advice, compliment, and assessment.


The freelancer wastes time at home and, in general, doesn’t development. He doesn’t know something new to improve his style and creative work in general for clients. So, he stopped in his growth on point from which he started to work as a freelancer. And when his clients need in video with new effects on the new style he couldn’t propose anything.


The freelancers haven’t motivation for learning new skills because they haven’t criticized by other specialists. Objective criticism and stress are drivers of development.


If you would like to be in times with new trends and achievements new goals, choose the agency. So, your task will do professions who is constant growth with the agency.

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Most Freelancers Couldn’t Take Time Onboard

The freelancers used to feel free yourself and rely on your communication. It means he won’t follow on your schedule or nuances of work (like culture fit, brand style) in opposite the agency. So, when your business will work with the freelancer you will spend more time remembering about asap tasks, brand style-fit and other moments.

If your business has time to chat with freelancers on a constantly base, it’s good. But in another situation, it’s not a good decision for the business. It will create many problems with tasks where are many nuances or you’d like to create a creative in another style.

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Long-time projects and your business growth, growth, growth

Freelancers are free people. Today they work with you but tomorrow they could change their mind and go to work with your competitors. They, in general, don’t deep in your business because they don’t think about long-time contact.

Only when a person is deep in your business with all nuances he could create something inspirable to bring income.




You must decide what you need for business tasks, which your goals. If it’s a one-time easy project and a little budget, you could hire a freelancer.

Freelancers are a better option when there are highly specific skills you require, or you just need more flexibility in your work arrangement.

But when you need in the long-time contract and create an inspirable video for income, increase count of clients, you should take professional agency.

The video production company is great when you need a generalist or boots on the ground.

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