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Black Friday 2020: how to increase your sales in 24 hours

Black Friday 2020: how to increase your sales in 24 hours

Black Friday 2020: how to increase your sales in 24 hours

In soon time we take Black Friday day with big sales. It is now one of the biggest shopping day of the year, an annual delight to retailers hoping to give their bottom lines a nice little boost in the year’s final weeks. And yes, everybody, every business would like to give big income.

And they have a simple question: how is it improve? Get good answer — advertising. But not standard creative adv post on Facebook or big adv outdoor banners. You could increase the involvement of your audience with video marketing. How does it work? And why does it work?

People are visual learners and they get 70% information from visual materials. Pictures, videos, gifs, infographics — are more easy to understand and take the information. But pictures, gifs, and infographics without the text part couldn’t work. But video is another variant. Video hasn’t needed to use a literary accompaniment and people easy to get information.

It’s good decision for a viral effect, easy for sharing and remembering. So, that’s why video takes crazy popular in last time.

Black Friday was a large success in 2018, with big growth year on year in the US: $3.7 billion on Thanksgiving itself, and $6.2 billion on Black Friday, according to Adobe Analytics via Business Wire. Saturday and Sunday saw another $6.4 billion come in… and that’s just what was spent online.

Black Friday ads: when will we see them?

Advertising has a habit of posting Black Friday ad leaks in October and early November. The first signs of price drops come from these ad leaks.

Black Friday ad scans make their way online, giving potential buyers a heads-up on what to buy, how much to spend and where to shop.

This means Black Friday is more than just a one-day sales crazy. It’s one month of savings if people know where to shop and when to hit that checkout button. It’s the best time of the year to shop, and people try to save a lot of money.

And it’s really important to do a big sale on Black Friday and give a viral advertising month before selling to involve many-many people.

How to increase involvement?

We think the good idea — video advertising on YouTube, Facebook and other popular social networks. Take your remarketing list and give a viral video about BIG SALE on Black Friday. Let’s people look forward to your sale.

For your inspiring, we collected the best video advertising 2018.




Black Friday Neuromarketing

We know that our brain’s pain centers are activated when we have to shell out money for something and that this activation is strongest if the price seems too high based on our experience. So, the stores seem to be working several angles that are consistent with neuromarketing and neuroeconomics research: very low prices (often with very limited quantities) and payment plans that minimize current cash outflow.

A staple of Black Friday promotions is the limited quantity loss leader item. It’s an item that is desirable, and that many consumers have some familiarity with. It’s advertised at an amazingly low price.

This pitch is neuroeconomic perfection: consumers see the product and are shocked by the amazingly low price. At the same time, neuroeconomics research tells us that people aren’t good at translating odds and percentages into real-life probabilities. That’s why *,99$ or *% — good decision for sale.

Would you like to do inspirable advertising? Use a viral video with the right items, low prices, and limited quantities.

How to do a viral video?

The best choice — professional video. It’s important for the impressing of buys and lets you make big income.

You could do a professional video with your team if you have a personal production studio. Or order in video agency like Slon Media.

In a short time, you could get a professional video for viral effects.

Will Black Friday 2020 be different in any way?

Black Friday 2020 should continue last year’s trend of not just offering discounts, but offering discounts on items people will actually want to buy. Specifically, people are expecting to see big-ticket of favourite items.

So, in this way actually to do great remarketing ads. It’s only 24 hours to make the absolute most out of what ads do. The wrong ad, the wrong bid, the wrong settings can ruin the day (and possibly even the year!). But right ads — it’s a good income. And the viral video marketing is the best decision.

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