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Best easy tools and services for mobile video creation

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Video production has become highly accessible these days. You don’t need to hire a production team or have any skills in video editing: there are many professional tools and services for video creation. Or maybe even too many…

The thing is videos can be used for a very wide range of business purposes and industries. You just need to figure out which service for video creation suits you best. So that you don’t get lost in the infinity of cool (and not so cool) video creation tools, we’ve gathered for you the top services for all occasions.

  • video generation tool obtain landing page


Obtain is a brand-new solution for fast and easy video creation. All you need to get started is to upload a screencast of your app, the service will do the rest for you. In 3–5 minutes you’ll get multiple effectively performing and scalable videos.

Currently Obtain offers lots of templates that can be customized to your needs and preferences: you can change captions, music, background, filters, call-to-action button and other components of the video. 

The most fascinating thing about the service is that you get an unlimited number of video variations, and each and every can be resized to fit the format of the platform on which you are going to use your ad. 

Obtain also helps you to improve and optimize your video creatives to get even better results.

The service performs best for mobile games and apps, but it also works great on any digital business, like e-commerce.

  • video generation tool animaker landing page


If you would like to try animated videos in your marketing campaign, Animaker can be a great option for you. In 3 simple steps you can create a nice video explainer. Pick a template and customize it to match your brand or start video-creation from scratch if you have a unique idea.

  • video generation tool vyond landing page


Vyond (previously GoAnimate) is another tool for animated videos creation. Its unique characteristics are powerful customization features and great opportunities for working with text. Vyond is the first video animation studio with integrated lip-syncing function. Vyond characters can lip-sync to recorded voice-over, or you can use Vyond’s text-to-speech feature to automatically transform written words into spoken dialogue.


  • video generation tool wave landing page


Wave by Animatron helps you create engaging marketing and social media videos for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Its free library has 2.5 million stock photos and videos.

The service allows you to resize ads and videos, combine as many clips as you wish, and choose the music that you like. Its intuitive drag-and-drop feature makes video creation a pleasant experience, especially for beginners.

  • video generation tool lumen5


Lumen5 is the best option for you if you have your advertising message in the text form and you don’t know yet how to visualize it. Lumen5 will read your script/post, summarize the content and then transform it into a video.

Lumen5 has a wide media library, so you can always find all the necessary elements. The software picks the photos, videos, and music that matches your story. Your videos will be ready to use within minutes.

Another advantage is that you can personalize the video with your watermark, brand colors and call-to-action.

  • video generation tool biteable


Biteable is a great tool if you want to create on-brand videos. The service automatically applies your brand to the videos. Another advantage of Biteable is that you can involve your team if you need to and work collaboratively. 

This video creation tool offers the customization option: you can add your own voice and video recordings, and control animations, timing and audio of your video creatives.

Go and try the tool you find the most suitable for your needs. As for Obtain, we are ready to help you get started with it! Book a demo via the landing page and our team will show you how to create effective video ads from scratch or how to improve current ones. As a bonus you’ll get a free pack of video creatives for free!

Or we can make the video creatives for you manually. Contact us via!

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