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Artyline promo video. Sketch-to-screen AR converter

ar visualization

The SLON media team is task experienced in showing functions of an AI-powered app that real-time transforms sketches into interactive digital prototypes.

Artyline offers to visualize finished layouts in augmented reality (AR) to better understand how it looks in particular environments. This visualizes and validates ideas in one click before starting design. It draws sketches and scans using the smartphone camera to get screen layouts.

Artyline recognizes core elements and offer real-time results on mobile devices thus minimizing user operations.

Our goals

Demonstrate Artyline’s ease of operation in recognizing sketch elements, computer vision and GUI interface to smartphone AR.

Most importantly — helping business with imaging for the first meeting with clients, and or for cross-enterprise market intelligence.

Eye-tracking analytics help to exact what users seek — or do not see at all even.

Click-tracking analytics help identifies quantify user behavior metrics.

Voice and screen recording. UT-kit preparing.

Validate ideas, test hypotheses and determine solutions via above analytics and metrics.



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Artyline Promo Video

The Results


Clients Talk


The Slon Media team is great. They have done a wonderful job. Thank you very much for your resilience, creativeness, and professionalism

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