Slon Media — a video marketing company that creates and promotes visual content on social, web and mobile platforms.


We believe in the power of digital video, modern storytelling, quality content and its omnichannel distribution and promotion. We help to get attention, attract viewers and convert them into customers.

From idea verification all the way through hypergrowth we help all types of companies with great marketing in a video-first, social-first and mobile-first world.

Our Team
  • Herman Poleschuk
    Herman Poleschuk
    CEO and Founder
  • Vadim Kheifets
    Vadim Kheifets
    Partner and CCO
  • Anatoly Vaisman
    Anatoly Vaisman
    Product director
  • Alexey Oksanchenko
    Alexey Oksanchenko
    Art Director
  • Pavel Krishtapovich
    Pavel Krishtapovich
    Head of Performance
  • Nina Vaisman
    Nina Vaisman
    Head of Production
  • Veronika Kallaur
    Veronika Kallaur
    Account Manager
  • Alena Voronovich
    Alena Voronovich
    Account Manager
  • Olga Holdeeva
    Olga Holdeeva
    Account Manager
  • Alexandra Nazaruk
    Alexandra Nazaruk
    Account Manager
  • Taisia Polyakova
    Taisia Polyakova
    Account Manager
  • Elizaveta Bolotnova
    Elizaveta Bolotnova
    Account Manager
  • Elizaveta Bobok
    Elizaveta Bobok
    SMM Manager
  • Aleksandr Postnikov
    Aleksandr Postnikov
    Camera man
  • Sergei Dudko
    Sergei Dudko
    User acquisition manager
  • Luba Gmyrak
    Luba Gmyrak
    Producer's assistant
  • Sergei Borushko
    Sergei Borushko
  • Boris
    CEO - Cat Executive Officer
  • Stas Nareiko
    Stas Nareiko
    Video Editor
  • Angelina Schiper
    Angelina Schiper
    Happiness Manager
  • Anastasia Samoylovich
    Anastasia Samoylovich
  • Gosha Dolgun
    Gosha Dolgun
    Regional Director at Slon Media San Francisco
  • Julia Korzik
    Julia Korzik
  • Elizaveta Lesnikovich
    Elizaveta Lesnikovich
  • Mark  Poleschuk
    Mark Poleschuk
    Marketing Manager
  • Stepan Potoskuev
    Stepan Potoskuev
    Video Engineer
  • Aleksey Samsonchik
    Aleksey Samsonchik
    Video Engineer
  • Dima Shparun
    Dima Shparun
  • Ivan Harhalev
    Ivan Harhalev
    Motion Designer
  • Pavel Melnikov
    Pavel Melnikov
    Motion Designer
  • Elvira Borbukh
    Elvira Borbukh
  •  Anna Ivashkevich
    Anna Ivashkevich